Friday, January 13, 2012

Back home from our holiday trip for one week now.  It's Friday the 13th and time to get in step with the real world again.  It always takes me a little time to adjust to if I've been far, far away experiencing a sort of giddy weightlessness for awhile.

Our long, long travel home day last week took a little side trip due to a plane with a "maintenance issue" (broken!).  We found ourselves stuck in Las Vegas overnight. trip to Vegas and we were too pooped to boogie!

Caught these totally vegged out lions during tummy rub hour at the MGM Grand Hotel's lion habitat, after feeding time the next day. 

Oh...what a be a perfectly pampered lioness in Vegas!  (Personally, I think she could use a ruffle and some feathers.)  I bet her mom is completely mortified by her choice of pose...

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